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Characteristics Of A Great Leader

Characteristics Of A Great Leader

Do you possess leadership skills? If yes then it can be a great addition to your resume. Leadership skills are the demand of the hour and employers highly emphasise it during interviews. These skills are crucial for every position because 83% of businesses believe it’s important to have leaders at every level in a company. 

Leadership is not just a word or designation, it is an art to motivate, encourage and influence people to achieve a goal. There are many quotes about leadership said by great leaders. Here is one for you to comprehend the meaning of leadership. 

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he/she wants to do it.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

If you don’t know what skills or characteristics are essential to become a leader then follow the next paragraph. 

Characteristics Of A Great Leader

Top Leadership Skills 

Below are some top traits that are essential to becoming a terrific leader in the workplace. 


Leaders must know how to motivate their team workers. There are several ways to motivate your employees. For example, you can provide them with extra responsibilities or you can set up a reward program for your employees. Motivating your employees will inspire them to put in extra effort during work and ultimately increase productivity. 


Being a leader you must communicate with your employees in the most effective way. You must be good at all forms of communication. Communication is not all about explaining your messages or tasks but it also includes listening. A leader must listen to the problems and concerns of their teammates. 


As a leader, most often you will find yourself in situations where no direct solutions are available. In such cases, you must think out of the box and find a non-traditional way to compensate for the problem. Also, these creative actions will boost the belief of your followers in you. 


Leaders need to provide feedback to their employees about their performance. Also, teach them how they can improve their work and make decisions on their own. By doing so you are developing leaders at low levels. Be clear, respectful and positive while giving feedback so that employees take it in the right way. 


Delegating tasks in a very effective way to increase the confidence of your workers. Some leaders think delegating tasks is a sign of deficiency but in reality, it is an attribute of a promising leader. It’s necessary to observe employees and assign them to work according to their skills. In the meantime, you can work on other critical things. 


Responsibilities are companions of leadership. A leader is equally responsible for both success and failure. Therefore, it’s better to accept the fault when something doesn’t go according to your plans. On the other hand, if you blame others for failure then you will lose respect as a leader. Hence, learn from mistakes and evaluate the best solutions to overcome them. 

Characteristics Of A Great Leader


These are the top 6 characteristics you must attain to be a successful leader. There are many other skills you can master including Flexibility, trustworthiness, positive approach and commitment. In this manner, you can grasp leadership. You can start by improving the above skills one by one. The best way is to take help from books, the Internet and the people who are good at it. 

Article by Harsh Shrivastav

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