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‘Data is the new Gold!’ Enterprises couldn’t have believed it almost a decade back. Plethora of disparate data that organizations collect hide correlations and insights unseen by the human eyes. With our expertise in Big Data analytics tools and processes, we derive valuable insights from the heaps of unstructured/structured data for our clients. We provide;

Big Data Consulting

It is highly advised to stick to the experts. And so, we provide our enterprise clients with proven, and replicable methods, Analytics Architecture model, and strategy execution roadmap for Big Data analytics. Our Big Data consulting services include formulation and selection of custom Big Data Strategy suited to your business, recommendation of best-suited technologies, and Project implementation vendors as per your budget and deadline. Our vendor-neutral recommendations and advises in compliance with your existing Databases/systems highlight us from the others!

Big Data Implementation

Why not reduce your risk, implementation time, and money with our Highly scalable, efficient, and high-performance Big Data analytics implementation service? SkillTect’s tech veterans collaborate with your team at every step to design prototypes, their validation of the proof-of-concept, and delivering the production-grade solution implementation. Cost effectiveness, seamless maintenance, and a high-performance Big Data solution ensue our last deliverable. You get;

  • Industry-crafted Frameworks to meet Dynamic Demand
  • Domain-specific KPI Toolkits
  • Industry Solution Propagators
  • Data Aggregators
  • Blueprints of the Architecture
  • Unmatched Support after the project

Data Science Services

There lies crucial patterns, correlations, insights, and answers in the chaos of huge amount of data. All we do is separate the signals from the clutter, and you get to see some thoughtful stories your data has to tell you. Our Data Science team utilizes the power of Machine Learning, Database Architecture, Advanced Statistics, Coded Algorithms, and Natural Language Processing to power your decision making. Possessing a strong professional base in this domain, our team is adept in delivering Data Science, ML, and Decision-Making Engine solutions to the domains including Telecom, Engineering, Banking & Finance, Travel, Communication, R&D, Business Analytics, Healthcare & Medicine, Digital Media, Manufacturing, etc. 

Article by Shrinivas Naik

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