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Cyber Threats, Data Heists, Malware Attacks and Digital Security breaches are at an all-time high. It, therefore, becomes critical for the enterprises to protect their valuable digital assets at all costs. Security and Operations cannot be managed by a small in-house IT Department simply because of the complexity and changing nature of malicious attacks. It is impossible for a small IT-team to stay up-to-date with all the existing cyber-threats and potential online risks while supervising day-to-day administrative operations. This is where SkillTect comes in with its SecOps Services.

Our Managed SecOps Services

  • Network Security: End-to-end management of enterprise Firewall, Network Intrusion & attack detection as well as prevention.
  • Endpoint Threat Prevention: Managing User security, threat detection and threat prevention along with managed Online and Email security.
  • Cloud Security: SkillTect take pride in protecting the interests of its clients through its cloud security solutions. We manage datacenter security, cloud applications/database security, and the container security.  

Our SecOps solution is the proof of trifecta between Strong IT-Security, Smooth IT-Operations, and Operational efficiency of the business. Having designed to mitigate cyber risks immediately and fix critical vulnerabilities, our integrated solution implementation approach protects your digital enterprise ecosystem at all times.  

Why SecOps for Your Business?

While traditional cyber-security strategies and compliance protocols might fail in a dynamic cloud ecosystem if your enterprise, it becomes crucial to gain better visibility and speed of risk detection to avoid loss and damage. SkillTect SecOps provides you with;

  • Security & Operation Intelligence: Our tailored systems will identify vulnerable points within your Cloud environment or Enterprise network by monitoring the operational data to rank threats. This makes your security efforts actually actionable by projecting the impact of threats on the organization.
  • Automated Compliance: Stay stress free by following the policies and guidelines issued by the Global cyber security authorities. Simply automate the process with our Cloud based SecOps solution.  
  • Multi-Level Risk Mitigation: Achieve Security consistency across your servers, networks, and Cloud ecosystem with automated multi-level security management.  

We make your online assets, confidential data, and network entry points bulletproof so that you can flourish in a safe ecosystem!

Article by Shrinivas Naik

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