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Custom Solutions for Dynamic Clients

Whether you are a technology company looking to scale a platform, or an enterprise looking to expand or leverage a new technology, we have always got your back! Our professionals have a wide experience of working on complex IT-projects and new technologies. Thanks to their distilled information collected over decades, they always deliver the optimum advisory to your enterprise saving you time and money. SkillTect’s Advisory service comes off as the top-notch consulting solution for your project as our consultants double as expert trainers, thus, possessing the knowledge of industrial/technological trends in real-time.

We Provide Advisory for…

  • Cloud Domain
  • Big Data and Analytics Domain
  • DevOps Niche
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Database Architecture & Data Warehousing

Get powerful advisory to supercharge your business platform and enterprise IT-solution. Leverage SkillTect’s knowledge bank and veteran IT consultants to gain business edge today!

Migration & Deployment

Change is good, but migration might be not! When it comes to moving gigantic databases, Virtual Machines, Servers, along with your organization’s IT-architecture, security, redeployment, and reusability of the systems is always at stake. We crafted expert Migration & Deployment services make sure that it does not happen to your enterprise.

Successful and Hassle-free Migration Begins with Us

Migrating and Re-deploying legacy or custom IT systems can seem easy at a glance, but the real challenges lie in the details. Difference in the functionality of system architecture, workload management, virtual machines and entire data centre makes this operation more complex. Worry not! Seamless Migration and Deployment begins with us. 

Why Do You Need Migration & Deployment?

  • Increased security to your enterprise IT-infrastructure in the times of cyber-threats and attacks. Legacy systems that cannot keep with the updates need migration and deployment with advanced security perimeters.
  • Boosted performance is another strong reason to avail our IT migration and deployment service. Move your databases, Virtual Machines, or servers for enhanced performance with confidence with us. 

Managed Services

Your Organization’s IT Ecosystem is more dynamic than before. Ensuring its smooth operations and shape-shifting with the emerging technology and business demand requires a highly skilled team with full dedication. SkillTect provides end-to-end full-service IT-Management for business organizations to meet their tech needs in real-time. Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Online Security, or IoT, you name it and we manage it! Our services have been conceived after the realization that a good majority of businesses are unable to change their IT infrastructure as per the current needs. This can be attributed to two factors; Lack of Expertise on Emerging technologies, and Retention of Skilled IT Personnel. This is where we arrive at your rescue. 

Your Organization Gets…

Technology Sync

With our end-to-end IT management services your Organization remains up to date with business demand. Whether you want to leverage the power of massive data sets or looking to move your entire organization over cloud, SkillTect keeps you ahead in the game. 

Security & Disaster Management

Your IT infrastructure is the heart of the organizations and we know how to take good care of it. Our fully managed IT security service ensures unbreachable security for your company over cloud or legacy systems. We will also consult and strategize over Disaster Recovery plans in case your IT infrastructure suffers a fallout. 

Data Warehousing

We know your data is super crucial. Our managed Data storage services ensure all-time access to the most needed information, full security fencing, and constant database updates as required. Achieve cost efficiency to manage your IT-infrastructure at ultra-fast speeds. 

We don’t believe in Client/Business relationship, rather, a long-term partnership that reaps synergy and mutual benefit for you and us alike. Avail our Managed IT services as per your requirement today!


It is time to shift to High-speed solution delivery with ever evolving business. Combining the power of software development and Information Tech operations to bring about the desired business outcomes, DevOps is changing the way enterprises develop and deploy core IT-Systems. SkillTect’s highly competent team shortens the system development life cycle, while delivering features, updates, fixes and security regularly. We do so keeping in mind that the system in development meets your business objectives as efficiently as possible. 

With DevOps, Your Business will…

  • Shorten Marketing Time: When you know that a Streamlined Software Delivery is at your disposal, you can reduce your marketing time by as much as half of the projected time. SkillTect focuses not just on development, but the key essentials of business strategy as well. 
  • Productivity: No better way to enhance your team’s productivity than automation. And, we utilize automation to optimize your IT-processes, Software applications, and deliver agile functionality faster.
  • Risk Projection: Software applications often cannot deviate from their original base architecture once deployed. DevOps helps you identify the quality risks and performance concerns by identifying and reducing the defects during the development cycle. 
  • Robust Application: Not only the operational system is much more secure, stable, and resilient, it remains easily auditable for the deployed changes. 

Our DevOps Process

SkillTect team follows a time-tested DevOps engagement process. This process can be summarized in 3-easy steps;

Assessment & DevOps Strategy Formulation

We firstly conceptualize the DevOps framework and implementation strategy by assessing the DevOps culture, Chain of tools and Processes. We essentially quantify your enterprise’s maturity model to come up with a superior management system. We then map the insights into the ‘changes’ required for the system followed by formulating a project roadmap.  

Building DevOps Pilot Framework & Tool Stack

With the help of plotted traceable metrics, we create a pilot framework to develop/implement standard setup for DevOps. We also leverage your existing tools with our powerful, open-source tools for a faster and more agile delivery.

End-to-end Implementation

This is the final stage of DevOps for your enterprise. We conduct analysis, Design, Creation, Automation and Deployment of the solution as per the identified needs. ‘No-Chaos’ DevOps begins with us. 


‘Data is the new Gold!’ Enterprises couldn’t have believed it almost a decade back. Plethora of disparate data that organizations collect hide correlations and insights unseen by the human eyes. With our expertise in Big Data analytics tools and processes, we derive valuable insights from the heaps of unstructured/structured data for our clients. We provide;

Big Data Consulting

It is highly advised to stick to the experts. And so, we provide our enterprise clients with proven, and replicable methods, Analytics Architecture model, and strategy execution roadmap for Big Data analytics. Our Big Data consulting services include formulation and selection of custom Big Data Strategy suited to your business, recommendation of best-suited technologies, and Project implementation vendors as per your budget and deadline. Our vendor-neutral recommendations and advises in compliance with your existing Databases/systems highlight us from the others!

Big Data Implementation

Why not reduce your risk, implementation time, and money with our Highly scalable, efficient, and high-performance Big Data analytics implementation service? SkillTect’s tech veterans collaborate with your team at every step to design prototypes, their validation of the proof-of-concept, and delivering the production-grade solution implementation. Cost effectiveness, seamless maintenance, and a high-performance Big Data solution ensue our last deliverable. You get;

  • Industry-crafted Frameworks to meet Dynamic Demand
  • Domain-specific KPI Toolkits
  • Industry Solution Propagators
  • Data Aggregators
  • Blueprints of the Architecture
  • Unmatched Support after the project

Data Science Services

There lies crucial patterns, correlations, insights, and answers in the chaos of huge amount of data. All we do is separate the signals from the clutter, and you get to see some thoughtful stories your data has to tell you. Our Data Science team utilizes the power of Machine Learning, Database Architecture, Advanced Statistics, Coded Algorithms, and Natural Language Processing to power your decision making. Possessing a strong professional base in this domain, our team is adept in delivering Data Science, ML, and Decision-Making Engine solutions to the domains including Telecom, Engineering, Banking & Finance, Travel, Communication, R&D, Business Analytics, Healthcare & Medicine, Digital Media, Manufacturing, etc. 


Cyber Threats, Data Heists, Malware Attacks and Digital Security breaches are at an all-time high. It, therefore, becomes critical for the enterprises to protect their valuable digital assets at all costs. Security and Operations cannot be managed by a small in-house IT Department simply because of the complexity and changing nature of malicious attacks. It is impossible for a small IT-team to stay up-to-date with all the existing cyber-threats and potential online risks while supervising day-to-day administrative operations. This is where SkillTect comes in with its SecOps Services.

Our Managed SecOps Services

  • Network Security: End-to-end management of enterprise Firewall, Network Intrusion & attack detection as well as prevention.
  • Endpoint Threat Prevention: Managing User security, threat detection and threat prevention along with managed Online and Email security.
  • Cloud Security: SkillTect take pride in protecting the interests of its clients through its cloud security solutions. We manage datacenter security, cloud applications/database security, and the container security.  

Our SecOps solution is the proof of trifecta between Strong IT-Security, Smooth IT-Operations, and Operational efficiency of the business. Having designed to mitigate cyber risks immediately and fix critical vulnerabilities, our integrated solution implementation approach protects your digital enterprise ecosystem at all times.  

Why SecOps for Your Business?

While traditional cyber-security strategies and compliance protocols might fail in a dynamic cloud ecosystem if your enterprise, it becomes crucial to gain better visibility and speed of risk detection to avoid loss and damage. SkillTect SecOps provides you with;

  • Security & Operation Intelligence: Our tailored systems will identify vulnerable points within your Cloud environment or Enterprise network by monitoring the operational data to rank threats. This makes your security efforts actually actionable by projecting the impact of threats on the organization.
  • Automated Compliance: Stay stress free by following the policies and guidelines issued by the Global cyber security authorities. Simply automate the process with our Cloud based SecOps solution.  
  • Multi-Level Risk Mitigation: Achieve Security consistency across your servers, networks, and Cloud ecosystem with automated multi-level security management.  

We make your online assets, confidential data, and network entry points bulletproof so that you can flourish in a safe ecosystem!

Design and Architecting

In a fast-paced business world, it is crucial for enterprises to keep up with the customer engagements, rapidly adapt to the changing needs of the market, stay agile and keep a stronghold on the favourable market positions. When an organization has so much to account for, things might go haywire without a properly Architected IT-infrastructure. SkillTect comes to the rescue of organizations to deliver precise, high-performance, custom IT Enterprise Architecture solutions. 

We Deliver

  • Transition & Implementation of Enterprise IT Architecture
  • Architecture Blueprinting
  • IT & Business Strategy Synchronizing
  • End-to-end IT Assets Management
  • Information & Database Architecture Service
  • Custom Enterprise Architecture Services

With the emergence and quick adoption of disruptive technologies at scale, it is important for the organizations to drive business and performance equally. SkillTect enables companies like yours to leverage the power of mobile technologies, Big Data and information analytics, Social Media, and Real-time Business Analytics. 

SkillTect Enterprise Architecture Benefits

We just do not put in the efforts, we chase results. Our optimal architectural solution enables businesses to;

  • Align IT Operations with Business Goals
  • Enhance Security and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Boosted IT Department’s Performance & Productivity
  • Enable IT to Collaborate Strategically with other Business Departments and Operations Teams
  • Driving Real-time Customer Engagements, and Data-driven Decisions
  • Seamless & Robust Custom Solution for Each Organization

Our Process

We begin by assessing your organization’s Maturity Model and Operational Model. We then develop a project roadmap as per the needs and capacity of the organization.

A blueprint for the conceptualized IT Enterprise model is then laid out that includes;

  • Architectural Standards & Principles
  • Architecture Process, Governance, Roles & Responsibilities
  • Recommendation of possible Innovative solution or R&D requirements
  • Manifest the Architectural Model and Implementing it as per the roadmap

It is time to empower your employees and businesses with insightful processes and seamless operational base of the Enterprise Architecture. Get started with SkillTect today for a better control on tomorrow.