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It is time to shift to High-speed solution delivery with ever evolving business. Combining the power of software development and Information Tech operations to bring about the desired business outcomes, DevOps is changing the way enterprises develop and deploy core IT-Systems. SkillTect’s highly competent team shortens the system development life cycle, while delivering features, updates, fixes and security regularly. We do so keeping in mind that the system in development meets your business objectives as efficiently as possible. 

With DevOps, Your Business will…

  • Shorten Marketing Time: When you know that a Streamlined Software Delivery is at your disposal, you can reduce your marketing time by as much as half of the projected time. SkillTect focuses not just on development, but the key essentials of business strategy as well. 
  • Productivity: No better way to enhance your team’s productivity than automation. And, we utilize automation to optimize your IT-processes, Software applications, and deliver agile functionality faster.
  • Risk Projection: Software applications often cannot deviate from their original base architecture once deployed. DevOps helps you identify the quality risks and performance concerns by identifying and reducing the defects during the development cycle. 
  • Robust Application: Not only the operational system is much more secure, stable, and resilient, it remains easily auditable for the deployed changes. 

Our DevOps Process

SkillTect team follows a time-tested DevOps engagement process. This process can be summarized in 3-easy steps;

Assessment & DevOps Strategy Formulation

We firstly conceptualize the DevOps framework and implementation strategy by assessing the DevOps culture, Chain of tools and Processes. We essentially quantify your enterprise’s maturity model to come up with a superior management system. We then map the insights into the ‘changes’ required for the system followed by formulating a project roadmap.  

Building DevOps Pilot Framework & Tool Stack

With the help of plotted traceable metrics, we create a pilot framework to develop/implement standard setup for DevOps. We also leverage your existing tools with our powerful, open-source tools for a faster and more agile delivery.

End-to-end Implementation

This is the final stage of DevOps for your enterprise. We conduct analysis, Design, Creation, Automation and Deployment of the solution as per the identified needs. ‘No-Chaos’ DevOps begins with us. 

Article by Shrinivas Naik

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